Video Email For Real Estates Brokers & Agents

EmailVM can help you build better relationships and sell more properties

Build Trust and Engage More
  • Send Thank You Video Emails
    Follow up with a personal video message to let your prospects and clients know that you appreciate their time for meeting with you.
  • Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind
    With every video email you send out, your
    brand will be prominent. It will help keep your
    brand top of mind with your audience.
  • Monthly Video Newsletter
    Instead of traditional text email newsletter that many times go unread, send an engaging video email to give your propects and clients monthly updates.
Real Estate Video Email Marketing
Attract More Prospects To Your Listing Play sample video
Build Trust and Engage More
  • New Home Listing Announcement
    Send a video email of a new home listing to your entire network to get the word out.
  • Open House Video Invitation
    Get more prospects to visit your open house with a personal video message invitation
  • Show Off The Property's Attributes
    Buyers tend to gravitate to a property's attributes such as a nice pool, large backyard, elegant fireplace or spacious kitchen etc. Show off the property with a home tour video.
Educate And Keep Clients Informed
  • Send Tips on Buying or Selling A Home
    Routinely send personal video messages on real estates buying/selling tips and market trends.
  • Update Clients on Transaction Progress
    Give your clients personal video updates on the progress of their pending transaction.
  • Answer Questions with a Video Email
    When your prospects or clients have question, answer them with a personal video message.
New Home Listing Announcement
Stand Out and Sell More Homes
Homes Selling Email Marketing
  • Communicate more Personally
    People do business with people they trust and connect with on a more personal level.
  • Send Special Occasion Greetings
    Wow your prospect and clients with a warm video greeting on their birthday,etc.
  • Achieve a Higher Click Through
    People are more likely to watch a personal video from you and than read a bunch of text.

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