Video Email For Network Marketers & Team Builders

EmailVM can help improve your prospecting and grow your team

Personalize Your Prospecting and Recruiting Process
  • Send Personal Video Invitations
    Got an upcoming big event? Record and send a personal video invitation to your prospect list.
    The urgency to attend will be felt more with video.
  • Show Appreciation With A Video
    Follow up with a personal video message to
    thank your prospects for attending your business opportunity/training presentation.
  • Personalize Your Follow Ups
    Building a team takes time. Not everyone will be ready to join your business right away. Send a personal video message from time to time to give your prospects updates on your business. It will also help you maintain a more personal connection them.
Video Email Network Marketing
Lead and Engage With Your Team More Effectively
  • Inspire Your Team With Weekly Video Messages
    Got something good to share with your team? Deliver it with EmailVM for maximum impact.
Video Email Team Builders
  • Create a Series of Training Videos
    Record, send and embed training videos on your website to train new and existing team members.
  • Become More Duplicable
    By adding video to your network marketing business, you will be able to communicate your message more consistently to ensure maximum duplication.

Discover More Ways How You Can Benefit From Video Email.

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