Video Email For Insurance Professionals

EmailVM can help you build trust faster and engage more effectively

Attract More Prospects with

Video Emails

  • Send Thank You Video Email
    Follow up with a personal video message to let your prospects and clients know that you appreciate their time for meeting with you.
  • Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind
    Send engaging personal video emails to your prospects on a monthly basis to ensure that they will think of you first when they need insurance.
  • Monthly Video Newsletter
    You can easily record and embed a personal video message on your next eNewsletter to engage your audience. I will help your message stand out and will increase your email click through rate.
Video Email For Insurance Professionals
Communicate With Clients More Personally
Video Email For Insurance Professionals
  • The insurance and financial services industry is quite competitive. EmailVM's personal video email service can help you stand out and build more loyal clients that buy multiple products from you.
  • Educate Your Clients Regularly
    Record and send a weekly personal video giving expert tips and advice on a particular insurance product and how they can benefit from it.
  • Provide Personal Updates With Application Process
    Send your clients personal video updates on underwriting progress to keep them more engage with their pending application.
  • Send Special Occasion Video Greetings
    Wow your prospects and clients with a warm video greeting on their birthday, etc.
  • Train and Grow Your Sales Team With Video
    Communicate with your staff and sales team more effectively with personal videos. Your message can be delivered with more clarity and consistency. Record and send various product training videos or embed them to your website to create a series of training video library.

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