Video Email For Automotive Dealerships

EmailVM can help you build better customer relationships and sell more cars

Engage and Keep Top Of Mind
  • Thank Prospects For Visiting You
    Record and send a personal video email to thank your prospects for stopping by your show room.
  • Leave A Lasting Impression
    Send a personal video of the car that your prospects just test drived to keep it fresh on their mind.
  • Check In Routinely With Your Customers
    Follow up with your previous customers to see how they are enjoying their new car. This provides an opportunity for you to also remind and ask them for referrals..
Video Email For Automotive Dealerships
Show Off The New Car Models From Your Showroom
Email Marketing For Automotive Dealerships
  • Send Video Tours Of New Car Arrival
    Record and send a video tour of new models to intice your prospects to come back and take a test drive. Play sample video
  • Send Professional Commercial Videos
    Upload your company's professional videos to your account and send it out to your prospect list.
  • Easily Record and Share Videos On Social Networks
    Record and share videos of new cars on your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter..
Other Ideas To Use

Video Email

  • Train Your Sales Team More Effectively
    Need to train your salespeople on new models or features? Record and send training videos to your team with ease. They can review it again and again at their leisure time.
  • Collect Testimonial Videos From Happy Customers
    Embed our Testimonial Widget on your website and ask your happy customers to give you a quick testimonial. You can embed the testimonial videos on your website or email it to your prospect list or share it on social networking sites.
  • Send a Video Message From The Service Technician
    When customers drop off their car for service, wow your customer with a personal video message with a greeting from the service technician that is working on their car.
Video in Email

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