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Partner up with us and get your piece of the fast growing Personal Video Email market. We are growing fast and always open to talking to individuals that want to profit with us on this booming niche market.

Our Referral Partners will be able to market EmailVM to small businesses and professionals from all different industries. EmailVM is helping businesses communicate with their prospects, clients and colleagues on a more personal and engaging level.

Here are top 3 reasons why you should consider become a Referral Partner with EmailVM:

  • Become an Affiliate Partner

    Untapped Market For Video Email

    Video Email is relatively new to the market place and its becoming more trendy and popular as people adapt to utilizing videos to grow their business. Video email is effective and engaging but 9 out of 10 people do not have this service yet. It's like 20 years ago when mobile phones just started out. The market is untapped.

  • Join The Leader In Video Email Marketing

    Earn Steady Residual Income

    By partnering up with us, you will be able to enjoy an ongoing and steady income from all the clients that you referred to us. We pay commission every month on every active paying client.

  • customer support

    "Hands Off" Customer Support

    As a Referral Partner, you will get the benefits of increased revenue without the burden of customer and billing support. We handle it all for you. You just refer and sign up the customer and we take care the rest.

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