About EmailVM

EmailVM is a division of Mobiletivity, Inc. based in San Diego, California. It was founded on a simple idea of helping sales/marketing professionals and organizations communicate more effectively with "one-to-one" video emails

Why EmailVM?

Many of us know or already use bulk email marketing; it has become impersonal and causing many emails to go unread. And while traditional mass marketing methods may generate the leads, we all know that people only do and refer business to people that they trust and connect with on a personal level. That's where EmailVM comes in! Our philosophy is to encourage as many "face-to-face" contacts as possible. Hence, that's how we came up with our tag line.

Our Vision

We envision one day sending personal video messages will be as common as sending or receiving a traditional email or text message. The appetite for videos is at all time high and growing each year. Video marketing is changing the world of business and marketing. YouTube gets 4 billion views each day. People are more likely to watch an engaging 1 to 2-minute video than have to read several paragraphs of text. We believe that EmailVM will significantly impact and change the way people communicate in the next few years.

Our Mission

To help as many professionals and organizations communicate and engage their prospects, clients and colleagues more effectively with EmailVM's innovative video email services.

All Plans Include:

  • Private/Secure Account
  • Up to 10 Min Recording
  • iPhone/Android App
  • Self-Delete Option
  • Short URL Link

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